There are certain sales categories in food service operations that needs to be accounted for with care in order to understand your financials and help you make decisions.

Keeping track of sales

There are certain options for keeping track of sales. Here are some;

  1. Keep track of credit card and cash sales: This will help you when you want to check if credit card deposits have gone through and strengthening custody of cash. Also will help in bank reconciliations.
  2. Keep track by lunch and dinner: This will help you make decisions as to staffing and perhaps decisions on shortening the time of opening.
  3. Food and beverages: Keep track of what are sold. Especially keeping track of beverage is effective for monitoring beverage inventory.
  4. By food and drink category.

Accounting is simpler when categorization is not too excessive, but if you want to analyze your sales and take actions, you will want to categorize sales for the purpose of taking actions according to the data you get. Numbers will tell you a lot.  😉