Obamacare has brought a lot of confusion to small businesses. Many business owners care for their employees and are willing to take care of them but the care we want to provide to employees have been restricted and put in a standard box. If we go out of the box, we can get a large penalty.

In ourĀ opinion, government intervention should be kept at minimum. People have a lot of creativity and the lesser government intervention is, the more it will flourish and the country will prosper. Government intervention should be done to steer people to do the right thing. I don’t think Obamacare is effective in steering the country to the right direction.

Nonetheless, there are still solutions for providing the healthcare your employees want. By using section 105 of the IRS code and the Health Reimbursement Account, we can design theĀ plan to give your employees what they really need with probably lesser cost. The health care rules keep on changing as I write, and who knows how this will change, but the government has still left room for those of us who are willing to search for better benefits can use it for the business and its employees’ advantage.